Dobro Golden Retreivers


Brodie and Ivy Litter July 2020

On 21 July 2020 Ivy Delivered 10 puppies sired by our Brodie. This is a line bred litter going back to the successful mating of Dobro Diamond Edge and Dobro Minthe. 238D2D2E-37C9-4C54-B585-39474188A2CD_1_105_c5DB8ECD5-9FE2-4F72-A104-66BB2977B0A5_1_105_c5C95B7F8-22CB-4FC7-ABE1-5888992058EB_1_105_cC68A4280-E0A2-4473-B778-EA5C7F22CFD0_1_105_c

Crufts 2020

In March 2020 I travelled to Crufts with Janelle Sara. We had a great time watching Liz Pope Judging the Bitches and Roy Maynard Judging the dogs. After Crufts we visited some very dear friends before Covid 19 chased us back to Australia earlier than planned.E167ADE0-A520-4CD7-8A28-B2A3D855BF60_1_105_cE8C96555-9C81-40A5-B0A8-489129504432_1_105_cE18D8AC3-1C5C-42BD-993E-A4F4BEA6549C_1_105_cF5CCB280-42B7-486B-AF70-74C12C3F2241_1_105_c4A9DDB3B-F2DF-4980-8C4E-998DA6095E08_1_105_c4B8D83EA-6549-4F56-BBEF-90755E2E2809_1_105_c

Guide Dogs

We are proud ambassadors for Guide Dogs NSW and ACT. We have bred four Goldens who have graduated for working with the visually impaired.

Preston, Virgil, Emillee and Morley