Dobro Puppies

Happy ~ Healthy

Dobro is a small kennel that has puppies occasionally. Our Goldens are much loved family companions that we have fun with at conformation shows, training and other activities.

Current Litters - None

Future - Late 2021
Dobro Goldens do not do waiting lists nor book puppies in advance

Once we have a confirmed pregnancy via Ultrasound from our reproduction vet specialist we then make a tentative list .
We prefer to meet you in person before we confirm a puppy is available.

Tell us about yourself why do you want a Golden and what can you offer a large breed dog which sheds it coat all the time and digs up your garden while a puppy and sometimes when an adult.

Please Complete our

Expression of Interest Form

NB we have no pups available

Whatever your objective, YOU, the dog owner, are responsible for the care and training that will enable your Golden to full fill its potential.
Do you want a Watchdog?
you should NOT get a Golden Retriever. Although its size and initial barking might deter an intruder, the typical Golden is adaptable, friendly to everyone, gentle (although physically active), and committed to carrying things around in its mouth ...... including the intruders flashlight!!
Are you a fastidious housekeeper (or are married to one) ?
, you should NOT get a Golden. Most Goldens shed their coat throughout the year, and quite profusely in the spring, in spite of diligent daily brushing. Also most Goldens love to get wet. If there is water on your property your Golden will be wet, and possibly muddy, a frustrating amount of the time.
Do you want a one man Dog?
prefer cats to dogs, or not home much, you should NOT get a Golden Retriever. Goldens are very people orientated, and aren’t happy as kennel dogs. Most people prefer to get a young puppy and raise it themselves. This can be very rewarding, but also time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Other people prefer a dog that is out of its puppyhood and has already been ‘civilised’. Our hope is that we will help you understand the Golden Retriever, and decide if this is the breed for you.


Buying a Puppy is a life time commitment, you need time especially in the first year to socialise and train your puppy.
Puppy pre-school as early as possible is a good start.
Goldens love to be part of the family and need to be inside with you at least once a day.
If you are a fastidious house keeper the coat loss may drive you crazy.
Please consider these important facts before getting a puppy.

If we do not have puppies available we recommend you
contact the state Golden Retriever Clubs who may have names of litters available from Club members in your state.
National Golden Retriever Council of Australia
Golden Retriever Club of Queensland
Golden Retriever Club of NSW
Golden Retriever Club Victoria
Golden Retriever Club of South Australia
Golden Retriever Club Western Australia
Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania

Golden Retriever Breed Standard
Breed Standard Extension

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