image Temperament, Character and Soundness.

Lulu with her 16 (1 week old pups) Jan 2010.

This seems to be the Australian record for the largest surviving litter of Golden Puppies.


FAQ on a Golden Puppy

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Before you Get Your Puppy Dr Ian Dunbar
After you Get Your Puppy Dr Ian Dunbar

Buying a Puppy is a life time commitment, you need time especially in the first year to socialise and train your puppy. Puppy pre-school as early as possible is a good start. Goldens love to be part of the family and need to be inside with you at least once a day. If you are a fastidious house keeper the coat loss may drive you crazy. Please consider these important facts before getting a puppy. If we do not have puppies available we recommend you
contact the state Golden Retriever Clubs
who may have names of litters available from Club members in your state.
National Golden Retriever Council of Australia
Golden Retriever Club of Queensland
Golden Retriever Club of NSW
Golden Retriever Club Victoria
Golden Retriever Club of South Australia
Golden Retriever Club Western Australia
Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania Golden Retriever Breed Standard
Breed Standard Extension



Enya has been mated to Marco ~ Pregnancy has been confirmed with our Vet.
Please Email with details of your family and why you would like a Golden and
a Puppy enquiry form via email will be sent to you for completion.

Pups Due 5th August 2019 , ready for homes early October.