Halle and Sollie

at Chilzer

Dobro Catching Chilzer (AI) Sollie
Dobro Chasing Chilzer (AI) Halle

These two girls set off for England at the age of 3 months in February 2019 to live with Liz Pope - Chilzer Goldens.
Liz judged at the GRCNSW Championship Show in 2014 and gave
Best in Show to our beautiful Martha.
Consequently a few years later we were contacted by Liz asking what our breeding plans were.
Martha had finished her breeding career giving us three litters so we discussed options for her daughter Ivy.
The girls have a wonderful life running on the moors in Sussex and training in Gundog and Agility.
They have also completed
in a couple of Champ shows as puppies and were placed on the cards .
We visited Liz and Julie in October 2019 when on holiday and again in 2020 when Liz judged at Crufts.
Then Covid 19 came and like all off us no shows for a long time.
I am so grateful to Liz and Julie for giving them the best life any Golden could want.


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Our last night in UK March 2020 after Crufts.