Champion Alnclair Pink Diamond at Dobro

Martha ~ Retired

BISS Champion Alnclair Pink Diamond at Dobro

A once in a life time Golden Girl, bred by our Dear Friends Sharon and Wayne McGrath.

Martha loved the show ring and we had so much fun.

Martha is retired from shows , has the best place at home, the lounge room and lots of walks and swims.

Martha Wins

Best In Show
at GRCNSW Championship Show
4 May 2014.
Judge: Liz Pope, Chilzer UK

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Critique: Alnclair Pink Diamond at Dobro .What a super young bitch and my star of the day. To move this well, powerfully and effortlessly driving from behind, with correct front extension and a long free stride with accurate footfall. Plus the added bonus of great natural head carriage and a tail carried level from her back, she had to be well put together and she was. Balanced, feminine head of good proportions with dark pigment and the softest “twinkly” expression, clean muscular neck into shoulders well laid back, long in blade with correct length and angle of upper arm. Straight front with well shaped feet. Ribs well sprung, short coupled, correct hind angulation, strong and well muscled through the loin and thigh. Beautifully presented, delighted to award her the BCC and BIS.


After judging I had the opportunity to meet my BIS winner “Martha”, her temperament was delightful, I could have taken her home.

Reserve Challenge Bitch and Opposite Open in Show. GR Club Qld Champ Show, July 2017. Judge Heather Morse ‘ Xanthos’

GRCQLD Championship Show
13th July 2014. Judge: Mr Filip Johnsson, Daintys Kennel Sweden First Place Intermediate Bitch and Opposite Best Intermediate in Show Critique : All together balanced bitch with beautiful head, excellent neck, top line and tail set, excellent body, bone and feet. Balanced in her angulations. Excellent mover and excellent presented.


12 August 2013
Brisbane Royal - EKKA

Judge - Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.(FNL)
at the tender age of 17 Months Martha wins Reserve Challenge.

Minor Puppy In Show at the prestigious NSW Golden Retriever Championship Show 9 September 2012

Martha amassed over 240 points in 2013 wining under International Judges and Gundog specialists.

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